Jan 31, 2021

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Oct 2, 2020
Python Optimization

Just like the title, this post is all about the Python performance optimization. For data science, handling large amount of data is inevitable. Although recently many tools have been developed for developers to accelerate their data science program, achieving good performance is still challenging. For one could easily fall into a performance rabbit hole by just writing one line inappropriately or troubling with squeeze out all the hardware performance. In this post, I will introduce a few handful tips to help you boost your Python data science programs and achieve 10X or more performance improvement.

Sept 3, 2020
CG Math

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Jul 23, 2020

This recipe is a simple but delicious Chinese style stewed beef (not spicy). By saying simple, I mean literally simple, and you can make a big bowl of this dish, put in refrigerator and serve multiple times for your next week. If you are a college student, this would be your ideal dish.

Jan 30, 2020

This recipe is a combination of Chinese and Western cooking technique. The final roasted chicken thigh is crispy on the skin side and super tender for the meat. Most importantly, this dish is very easy to cook!