Oven Roast Chicken Thigh
Jan 30, 2020
ETA: 2min(s)


This recipe is a combination of Chinese and Western cooking technique. The final roasted chicken thigh is crispy on the skin side and super tender for the meat. Most importantly, this dish is very easy to cook!


I'm giving ingredients based on 1 piece chicken thigh, scale the numbers based on how many pieces are you going to cook.


Step 1

Remove moisture on your deboned chicken thigh surface with kitchen paper towels. At this moment, I also would recommend you start preheating your oven to 450 Fahrenheit (232 Celsius).

Step 2

At this time your chicken thigh should be very dry, and so we are going to add some liquid to it. First, cut your scallion into segments. Then mix scallions and ginger with rice wine, you may also wanna do some squeeze or crush to herbs to release their flavor. Put your chicken thigh in, and do a good mix. You are likely to see liquid will be absorbed by chicken thigh, this is what we want, because this is a key technique to make meat tender. If you chicken happens to be still dry, add more wine or water.

Step 3

Remove all the herbs, and add paprika, salt, cumin powder to your chicken thigh. Then mix. Finally, add olive oil. Oil is very important in this roast dish, it prevents the chicken to be dried. Then marinate 5 to 10 minutes. If you like the smoking taste, you may add more paprika here. You can also add other spices if you prefer, like garlic powder, onion powder.

Step 4

Put the chicken thigh on a grill, skin on top, and put into the oven. If your oven has multiple layers, put the chicken to the top layer. Then, roast with 450 Fahrenheit (232 Celsius) for 25 minutes.


Remove moisture before marinating is an important step for every marinate, because moisture on food will dilute the spices or marinating sauce.

The above herb/wine solution is widely used in Chinese style marinating. The solution removes stink taste that common exists in meat, especially frozen meat, and replace it with a mixed fragrant smell of herbs and wine. Try it on your next chicken, fish or other meat dish!

Cumin powder is also a commonly used spice in Chinese style grill/roast, especially with lamb dishes. You can find it in most asian grocery stores.

This dish do not need long time marinate, don't worry if you are in hurry! The key point of marinating is salt, I'm giving the salt amount based on my experience and personal taste, you can totally change it to your preference.